At Preferred Benefits, we understand that every client has differences in culture, demographics, and technological proficiency and accessibility levels. We will work with you to customize your communication strategy in multiple ways that will engage your employees whether it’s using email, text, print media or social media.

We believe that appropriate, timely and continuous communication is key to improving the health of the client’s population, which can ultimately impact claims utilization. Our dedicated team offers personalized support throughout the year.

  • Employee Benefit Statements – customized to show each employee their true value by combining, salary, benefit costs, vacation and paid time off, 401k or IRA dollars and more.
  • Open enrollment materials – html. formatted emails, posters, benefit plan designs, videos, payroll stuffers
  • Educational materials – smart consumerism, health plan education, HSAs, HRAs, compliance training
  • Toll free customer service number for assistance with benefit questions and claim issues