Our goal is to help you create a healthy, high-performing workforce by addressing the total well-being of employees; engaging their behavioral, financial, social, and physical health to create an overall culture of health. By using data analytics to identify risk areas and predict and control costs, targeted programs can address condition management, create transformational behavior and measure outcomes.

Using an identification and risk stratification program based on factors like age, lifestyle, claim costs and others, predictive technology can identify members at risk today and in the future. Reporting and outcomes measure participation, activity, clinical results, utilization and return on investment (ROI).

Allow us to help you contain costs by examining claims data, loss history, plan modeling and negotiations with carriers. PBS will utilize benchmarking tools, establish the necessary types of coverage consistent with risk tolerance, choose carriers that provide superior services, and adopt the optimal funding mechanisms for the client’s specific needs.

Our areas of expertise include financial analysis, plan cost projections, pharmacy contract analysis, stop loss marketing, as well as administrative services marketing. We perform in-depth financial analyses to identify trends affecting your business, and implement programs to alter those trends.

Some of our strategic approaches are:

  • Self-funded and partially self-funded plans
  • HRA and HSA plans and funding options
  • On and Off-Exchange plans
  • Reference-based pricing
  • PBM Management