Employees who are encouraged to take an active role in their health — and their health care — make better choices. Wellness integration has long been a part of our strategy to help you control health care costs. We integrate wellness and disease management programs into the medical plan with methods that incent members to understand their health conditions, understand what conditions they are at risk of developing and to manage their conditions in a way that will mitigate the long term progression of the condition.

We have the resources and tools to help you determine your Wellness program needs, assess your workplace, engage upper management and ensure your Wellness program is ACA compliant.

Our wellness support includes:

  • 2 Certified Wellness Coordinators on staff
  • Upper management engagement
  • Health plan design / benchmarking
  • Return On Investment (ROI) measured by workers’ comp back-to-work absenteeism
  • Dedicated web portal with a vast array of wellness-related documents, step-by-step guidance and posters
  • Employee engagement and education
  • Wellness committee support

We can help you accomplish your health & wellness goals for your employees by using innovative, emerging technologies with face-to-face engagement and programs tailored to your employee population.